important : Back to school 2019/2020

Dear parents,

Thank you for registering your child at School Time for the next school year starting in September 2019. Here are some important dates to remember:

Starting/Back to school 2019-2020:

The first day back at school is Monday 2nd September 2019 between 8.30am and 9.00am. Please find attached the list of the school and bank holidays 2019-2020 to help you get organised.

There will be a parents’ meeting (without the children) on Friday 30th August 2019. For the Yellow and Orange classes the meeting will be at 10.30amFor the Green and Blue classes the meeting will be at 3.00pm. The meeting will last around 1 hour. The teachers will briefly explain the forthcoming programme and we will give out the timetables and the school blouses. It will also be a good opportunity to ask any questions and/or to give me any missing paperwork, such as school insurance, identity photos or the medical certficate (please see the necessary lists attached). Please note that this meeting is important even if you already know our school, as each school year is different and we have new information to give.

If you cannot be present for the meeting, please see if a grandparent or friend can come for you, September is a busy time for everyone and we cannot send this information out individually.

Thanking you in advance.

Mrs Dury and the teaching staff.


HOLIDAYS 2019/2020