Registrations now open for September 2022/2023!
Everyone is in agreement nowadays of the importance of learning a second language from a very young age. School Time has risen to the challenge with its Bilingual Day Care Centre for children as young as 10 months old.
We offer a full-time service in order to introduce the young children to an international context within a small structure, making for an easier transition towards our bilingual nursery school.
There are just 10 places available so that we cater for your child’s every need.

Our aims and method

To learn to live together in an international context as young as possible through fun and exciting activities: song, stories, music, puppets, make-believe, play…. To encourage each child’s natural curiosity to learn by proposing bilingual activities adapted to his or her level, taking the first steps towards independence, without ever forcing or making the child join in. An attentive, professional and friendly child-care team, where the child’s well-being and own pace is of utmost importance. To create a relationship based on confidence between the family and the Day Care Centre: a qualified French nurse, three native English child minders and a cleaning lady. A personalised adaptation period so that the first weeks of separation go as smoothly as possible for child and family. Everything is included: nappies (diapers) and all the necessary hygiene products, midday lunch and afternoon snack with bibs, bilingual activities, everything your child will need for the nap…. A colourful but safe environment where the children can have fun, explore, eat, relax and sleep.

Let's have fun and learn English!