Important information for the school show!

Dear parents,

Our school show (held on Saturday 8th June at 10.00am) will soon be here! Please find enclosed information for the organisation so that everything runs smoothly:

Before the show: 

Children should come dressed in:

Blue jeans/Blue bermuda jeans

A white short-sleeved t-shirt (or white sleeveless t-shirt)

Comfortable shoes or sandals, either slip on or velcro (no laces, please)

The school blouse (clean, please!).

Please note that it is not the best time to try out brand new shoes which may give your child a blister!

Please make sure that your child’s name is marked in all his/her clothing, whilst we try to do our best there are sometimes mishaps and exchanges may occur.

Please arrive at 10.00am sharp. We will not be ready to take your child before this time due to preparation. The show will not be able to wait for late-comers. Please make sure you give yourselves enough time for parking, etc. Thanks for your understanding on this.

During the show

The Blue Class parents will have reserved seats near the front of the stage. For all the other classes, you are free to sit where you wish.

The cameraman and photographer will be present for the school DVD and official photos. You will be able to purchase these photos after the show.

Please note that it is forbidden to film or to take photos during the show to avoid distracting our budding artists on stage and out of respect for the people sitting in front or behind you.

For security reasons, we also ask you to watch over your children not taking part in the show and to ask noone to come up to the front of the stage. It will also be forbidden to enter the dressing room.

NEW! Interval:

Unlike previous years, the Yellow and Orange classes are going to do their complete performance during the first half of the show (songs and dance).

There will then be a 15 minute interval.

Yellow/Orange Class parents

Please note that during the interval, you will be able to pick up your child in the Yellow or Orange Class if you wish. No children will be allowed to sit in the audience, so if you chose this option it will be to leave earlier and not see the rest of the show.

If you prefer to take your child at this time, we need to know in advance in order to prepare his/her things to give you during the interval.

Please let me know by email before Friday 24th May if you wish to take your child and leave during the interval.

The Yellow and Orange class children who remain will be watched by the teachers in the dressing room until the end of the show, as in previous years.

After the show

The show usually lasts around 2 and a half hours. To avoid too many crowds at the end of the show and for security purposes, please could we ask one parent only to come and fetch your child at the dressing room exit. Each child can go home with his/her dance costume which you can keep. All you have to do then is to congratulate your young artist(s)!


This information will also be up on our internet site just in case. Please check out the site for your questions rather than calling us on the morning of the show, we probably won’t have time to reply:

Thanks to everyone. The show must go on!

Mrs Dury and all the teaching staff.