25 March 2019

Show for spring at school!

Dear parents, The children (from all classes) will enjoy a show at school just before the spring break. The Cicadelle theatre company will be back on […]
11 March 2019

Library Visit

Dear parents, There is a library visit planned for each class in April. The children enjoy this moment and it helps them to discover the importance […]
10 March 2019

Blue Class Graduation party in June!

Dear Blue Class parents, As you probably already know, there is a tradition at School Time to have a Graduation party for the Blue Class at the end […]
7 March 2019

Teddy in Senegal :-)

6 March 2019

Teddy on ski!

Teddy on skis, well it is the season! After all that effort, here’s some extra energy!
5 March 2019

A trip to Thaïland!

Teddy en bateau sur le “Chao Praya” river (fleuve qui traverse Bangkok) / Teddy in the chao Praya river wich crosses the whole of Bangkok Teddy et […]