2 October 2022

A Christmas Show at school

“Go to Bed, Zoé!” on Tuesday 13th December at 9.45am for Yellow and Orange classes and 11.00am for Green and Blue Classes. This fun show will […]
9 December 2021
Christmas party school time

School Time’s Christmas party

Dear parents, Just as a quick reminder, School Time’s Christmas party will be held at school on Friday 18th December during our usual opening times and for […]
16 October 2021

2 baking sessions at School Time!

Who’s the chef? Halloween is coming and the children will have a special Halloween baking session with Virginie, yum!  For the 2 Green Classes it will be next week […]
9 May 2021

Blue Class : recycling project

Well done to the Blue Classes for combining a project on recycling, road safety and sports!
19 November 2020

Christmas baking session!

For the Green and Blue Classes: Some good news, the baking workshops are back!  Virginie will be coming for the Green Classes on Tuesday 8th December and for the Blue Classes on Thursday 10th […]
23 October 2020

Pastry workshops for green and blue classes

The Green and Blue classes had a delicious time this week making Halloween cupcakes and and apple crumbles. Get your aprons on!
11 October 2020

Up and coming library visits!

Dear parents, Each class has two library visits planned this school year; great, we love books!    They will go on foot accompanied by their teachers and […]
6 November 2019

Up and coming events: Green and Blue classes!

Dear Green Class and Blue Class parents, There are 3 exciting events planned for the Green and Blue classes with the run up to Christmas: – […]
6 November 2019

Christmas show at school!

Dear Yellow Class parents,   There will be a show at school for Christmas for all classes “Father Christmas Travels Around The World” on Tuesday, 17th December in the […]
25 September 2019

Important: Halloween and Christmas parties 2019!

Dear parents, As you probably already know, School Time has three important events throughout the school year when parents and family can gather together and spend […]