12 December 2019

Christmas party photos !

A big thank-you to everyone for coming to our Christmas party and for all the fabulous costumes and yummy things to eat and drink. We hope […]
6 November 2019

Christmas show at school!

Dear Yellow Class parents,   There will be a show at school for Christmas for all classes “Father Christmas Travels Around The World” on Tuesday, 17th December in the […]
24 December 2017

Christmas Party !!

10 December 2017

Christmas Tree

Wow, look at our pretty Christmas tree, all colourful and shiny!
27 November 2016

Christmas party!

25 December 2015

Father Christmas has been to school !

Father Christmas has been to school as well! He has brought us lots of new toys and books! Thank you Father Christmas!! Have a good rest […]
23 December 2015


Thanks to you all for the very special efforts you made for our Christmas party 2015. Everyone enjoyed themselves and Father Christmas even turned up! Seasons […]